There are different types of handbags, and it is better to know them to know what’ll suit you best.

Kinds of Handbag You Must Know
Kinds of Handbag You Must Know

Kinds of Handbag You Must Know

Aside from clothes and shoes, handbag is also important for women to complete their overall look.
A handbag and pair of shoes is like a horse and carriage. They always come together when it comes to fashion. In fact, they can break or make your outfit, thus women really look for the best handbag and pair of shoes in their wardrobe.
Whilst most women distinguish the names and brands of different types of shoes, not everyone distinguish the names of the many different kinds of handbag. If you tell your female friends that you purchased a beautiful baguette for your date, she may well give you a poker face.
Knowing the different kinds of handbag can help you to determine which one suits you. Some of its kinds include tote, hobo, clutch, satchel and Kelly-style bags. Understanding each of this kind can help you a lot in buying your next bag. Of course, each type corresponds to the style of your clothes, so you really need to choose wisely.
A tote is an open handbag that has handles or soft straps. This is ideal on beach or in the mall. They also inspire green living, as they get rid of the necessity of plastic bags when purchasing small items.
A hobo handbag is a slouchy and semi-circular bag that has one shoulder strap. This casual bag can help you to look fashionable without really trying. You can match this kind of bag to your linen pants, vests, breezy gypsy skirts and sandals. On the contrary, a clutch handbag is a small handheld bag that is put under your arm. You can also carry it by your hand.
Satchel handbag is also called as postman bag. It is a great bag to use at your office. For me, the Kelly-style bag is the most stylish of them all. Hermes originally makes this bag for the movie star princess Grace Kelly. With its classic style and sophistication, you can surely love this type of bag, particularly in formal suits. You can also use this in your office as well. Knowing these types of handbag can certainly help you to mix and match it your outfit and shoes.

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